What can I do for you?

For acute and chronic complaints get in touch with Erik Wolters DC.
Complaints specified:

- Chiropractic
# Low backpain with or without radiation in arm or leg such as herniated discs or sciatica
# Neckache
# Headache/migraine
# Whiplash
# Arthrosis
# Dizziness

- Diagnostic ultrasound
This method is used to determine inflammation, calcifications or damage to the soft tissues and bone such as tendons, muscles and bursae.

- Shockwave therapy
A high dosage of soundwaves is directed to the target in order to stimulate the process of recovery. This can be applied to tendons, muscles, bursae and joints.

- Kinesiotaping
This type of taping is used to enhance the process of improvement of muscles and tendons that are injured and/or damaged (often sports- related).

- Exercise therapy
This can be given individually as well as in a group, and can be done indoors and outdoors. The beach is very near the clinic.

In specific cases houscalls are possible.